Amber Heard No Longer Has a Future in Hollywood and is Unable to Pay Johnny Depp For Damages

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The world cheered following the verdict of the defamation suit filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, Amber Heard where he won and is expected to receive RM45.6 million in damages.

After Depp’s name has been cleared, some of us may wonder, what’s next for Amber Heard?

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No place for Amber in Hollywood

Following Depp’s victory in the defamation suit, according to public relations specialists, there is no way back for Heard in the Hollywood industry. Studio owners in Hollywood are expected to find it difficult to consider giving her a lead role in the future.

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Heard may also now be struggling to settle various financial commitments, including to activist groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The damages Heard has to pay may also force her to sell assets, including a US$ 570,000 (RM2.5 million) ‘hideout’ in the Yucca Valley, as well as a Range Rover acquired after the divorce with Depp.

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Can she pay the damages?

According to a report by South China Morning Post, Heard’s lawyer said that she is absolutely unable to pay Johnny Depp the amount of the damages.

“Oh no, absolutely not.”

But there are a couple of ways where Amber might just stand a chance to clear the debts.

This depends on whether Depp chooses to either waive the damages or negotiate a lower amount, which is entirely up to him.

As for Heard, she is expected to appear in the next instalment of Aquaman in March 2023. However, the petition to remove her entirely from the movie has reached more than 4 million signatures.

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That has directly tarnished the marketing and PR strategies for the film. As of now, there has been no official word on whether Heard will be completely removed from the film, or if her screen time will be reduced.

Whatever the case, it seems that her future in the Hollywood industry may not longer be so bright.


Do you think Amber Heard should be given a chance to shine again in Hollywood or she should be “cancelled?”


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