KLM cancels all Saturday’s flights from European destinations to Schiphol

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THE HAGUE, June 4 (Xinhua) — Dutch airline KLM no longer transports passengers from European destinations to Schiphol for at least the whole day, the Dutch airline announced on Saturday.

According to KLM, there are currently too many passengers who cannot depart from Schiphol and this must first be resolved. Just like in recent weeks long queues with travelers arose at Schiphol all day long as a result of staff shortages at the airport.

“To ensure safe and workable operations at Schiphol for passengers and crew, KLM took the far-reaching decision that no further passengers would be brought to Amsterdam,” KLM said on Saturday. “This decision was taken to ensure that as many stranded passengers as possible can depart from Schiphol on Saturday and that KLM can operate as many flights as possible on Sunday.”

The number of passengers who were unable to depart from Amsterdam increased sharply during the day and a large number of KLM flights on Saturday were delayed or canceled.

Although a substantial package of measures was taken before the weekend, with among others the cancellation of 50 flights per day this weekend, KLM stated that more and more aircraft could not land or take off in Amsterdam due to unforeseen circumstances, such as “unfavorable weather conditions and runway maintenance at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.”

“KLM offers its sincere apologies to passengers who were unable to travel to Amsterdam from certain European destinations, as well as those who were unable to transfer via Amsterdam to other final destinations,” KLM added.

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