This Ancient Molecule Is The Root Cause Of All Life On Earth… And Mars!

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Could life on Earth and Mars have originated from similar components? Scientists have found some evidence of the same in a giant breakthrough for questions about life’s origin on Earth.

According to scientists at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution, ribonucleic acid (RNA), a DNA-like regulator of genetic material in humans, may have been the first genetic material for life. And now they’re assessing how this worked out favourably for life on Earth and where it originated.

RNA forms on basalt lava glass that would have been heavily available on Earth 4.35 billion years ago, reported. Now, scientists have found similar basalts on our neighbouring planet and potential home Mars.

This Life-Giving Molecule Is The Root Cause Of All Life On Earth... And Mars!

The work, led Elisa Biondi and published in the journal Astrobiology, essentially traces the path that created RNA from tiny organic molecules. Scientists are almost sure that these molecules were already present on early Earth. “The study shows that long RNA molecules, 100-200 nucleotides in length, form when nucleoside triphosphates do nothing more than percolate through basaltic glass,” wrote.

This Life-Giving Molecule Is The Root Cause Of All Life On Earth... And Mars!

What about life on Mars? 

This announcement is relevant even for Mars because the same minerals, glasses, and impacts were present on the Red Planet as well. The craziest thing is that Mars hasn’t undergone continental drift or tectonic plate shifts, implying that the rocks from billions of years ago continue to sit on the planet untouched – traces of which have been now noted by scientists on Mars.

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“If life emerged on Earth via this simple path, then it also likely emerged on Mars… This makes it even more important to seek life on Mars as soon as we can,” Steven Brenner, a co-author of the study, was quoted by

This Life-Giving Molecule Is The Root Cause Of All Life On Earth... And Mars!

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Perhaps this is the signal we needed to take Mars more seriously, with potential to nurture human life. What do you think about this study? Let us know in the comments below.  For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading


Staff, S. X. (2022b, June 3). Scientists announce a breakthrough in determining life’s origin on Earth—and maybe Mars. Phys.Org. 

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